RetCam appeal

We have teamed up with the National Maternity Hospital to raise funds for a specialised retina camera for their neonatal unit. This new equipment will ensure that premature babies who are most at risk from retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) can be screened and surgery performed in time to save their sight.

Annually, 500 babies born preterm in hospital in Ireland need to be screened for ROP, which can lead to permanent sight loss if untreated.

This is where we can really make a difference. The retinal camera is an invaluable tool and will undoubtedly save the sight of so many premature babies. It costs just €42 to scan one baby and we are so grateful to people like you for helping us to fund this vital equipment.

Please help us to buy this vital piece of equipment by donating here on our JustGiving page.

We are very grateful to our charity ambassadors, actor James Nesbitt, actress Victoria Smurfit and her daughter Evie Baxter for supporting this appeal.

Victoria Smurfit and Evie Baxter appeal video