Access to therapies

People sitting at tableAdvocacy and access to therapies

Fighting Blindness works with a number of other groups to advocate for better medicine assessment and reimbursement processes in Ireland.

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tablets in forefront with blurred packaging in backgroundMedicines approval and regulation in the EU

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is responsible for the approval and regulation of medicines in the EU.

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Capsule tabletsMedicines approval and reimbursement in Ireland

Once a medicine has been approved at a European level, a separate applications for reimbursement is made at national level.

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People attending Rare Disease DayOrphan medicines

An orphan drug is a medicine that is developed for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of a rare disease. A rare disease, sometimes referred to as an orphan disease, is…

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tablet capsules and thermometerRecent medicines assessments and approvals

Idebenone (Raxone) A drug for the treatment of Leber hereditary neuropathy (LHON) was approved for reimbursement in Ireland in May 2019. The drug, which is called Idebenone…

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