There are resources available to help you find a job or support you in your current role.

Disclosing a disability in the workplace

It is the choice of the person living with a disability whether or not they wish to disclose this to a current or potential employer, there is no legal obligation to make a disclosure at any time. However, if there are supports or assistance that you require in the workplace it is only through making a disclosure to your employer that these can be in place. The Association for Higher Education Access and Disability (AHEAD) have produced a booklet called ‘A Guide to Disclosure’, available here.


NCBI Employment Service

The Employment Service of the NCBI can assist people living with sight loss who are currently employed and those searching for employment. The Employment Service can provide career advice, training opportunities, interview skills, and assistance with applications. For more information contact or 01 830 7033.



EmployAbility is a nationwide employment support service for people with a health condition, injury, illness or disability and a recruitment advice service for the business community. Click here for a list of local Employability Services.


Personal reader grants

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection’s Reasonable Accommodation Fund may provide a grant for someone who is blind or visually impaired to receive up to 640 hours a year of extra reading assistance at work. More information on personal reader grants can be found here.


Workplace Equipment Adaptation Grant (WEAG)

Grant assistance is available for people with a disability who need an adaptation to be made to the workplace or need to purchase specialised equipment for work, for example:

  • minor building modifications such as ramps or modified toilets
  • alarm systems with flashing lights
  • equipment adaptation such as voice synthesizers for computers or amplifiers for telephones

A maximum grant of €6,350 is available towards the cost of adaptations to premises or equipment. This grant can also be used to upgrade adapted equipment which was funded previously, or for training in the use of the grant-aided equipment. Click here for further information.


Citizens Information

You will find further information about working with a disability on the Citizens Information website here.


Employer Disability Information

The Employer Disability Information service provides advice and information for employers on the employment of people with disabilities, with a view to enhancing the confidence and competence of individual employers to employ, manage and retain staff with disabilities. The ultimate aim is to promote increased employment of people with disabilities. Further information is available on their website or by contacting 01 676 2014 or


National Disability Authority (NDA)

The NDA is an independent body that assists the Minister for Justice and Equality in developing policy and practice that positively impacts persons living with disabilities. Their role also includes oversight on the implementation of established standards for persons with disabilities in the work place and public. The NDA envision an Ireland where people with disabilities have equal rights and opportunities in the economic, social, and cultural spheres. For more information visit their website here or contact or 01 608 0400.