Our grant review process

Applications for funding submitted to Fighting Blindness undergo a vigorous process of review before they are potentially awarded funding. This is to ensure they answer our research priorities, have scientific merit, appropriate project design and fulfil an unmet need for the visually impaired community.

There are a number of steps involved in our review process.

Expression of Interest received

Applicant(s) submit short outline of research intended using template provided by Fighting Blindness.

Preliminary review

International Medical and Scientific Advisory Board (MSAB) and Fighting Blindness Research Subcommittee review proposal to ensure it addresses priorities of Fighting Blindness.

A recommendation will then be made to Fighting Blindness Board of Directors as to whether a full application be requested.

Request for full application

The applicant(s) will be invited to submit a full application using a template provided by Fighting Blindness.

International peer review

Submitted application undergoes a rigorous peer review by leading experts in the field. The applicant(s) will be permitted an opportunity to respond to reviewer comments.

Fighting Blindness review

The MSAB discuss application and peer review feedback and make a recommendation to the Research Subcommittee with regards approval for funding.

The Research Subcommittee consider outcome from MSAB discussions and make a formal recommendation to the Board of Directors.

Approval of funding

The Fighting Blindness Board of Directors make a final decision on approval for funding. Applicant(s) are then informed as to whether or not they have been successful.

In the case of successful projects, the applicant(s) may be asked to make slight amendments to their plans, based on the outcomes of the review process.

Contract Agreement

A contract agreement is signed between relevant parties.

Progress Review

Approvals are reviewed annually to assess the need for continuing approval and to ensure that progress towards, or achievement of, any conditions of approval is in place.

This review is carried out following submission of an annual review report and consideration by Medical and Scientific Advisory Board.