Meet your researchers

Jane Farrar Prof. Jane Farrar

Fighting Blindness and Prof Farrar have a long history of collaboration. This project is part of the Target 5000 program and is examining the DNA of people effected by inherited retinal diseases on the Island of Ireland to try and find a genetic cause for their conditions.

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Matt Campbell Prof. Matthew Campbell

Professor Matt Campbell is leading EYE-D, a €3.2 million research project focused on identifying the underlying causes of some of the most common forms of blindness under the SFI Strategic Partnership Programme.

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Ms Giuliana Silvestri Prof. Julie Silvestri

Professor Julie Silvestri is leading a Fighting Blindness project that aims to identify and genotype patients with inherited retinal disease in Northern Ireland. This is a Target 5000 project.

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Prof. Breandán Kennedy Prof. Breandán Kennedy

In 2021, Professor Kennedy was awarded a grant to continue research on zebrafish models of Inherited Retinal Disease (IRD), this work had previously been funded in part by Fighting Blindness.

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Dr. Sarah Doyle Dr. Sarah Doyle

Professor Sarah Doyle is based at Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience. This project explores the mechanisms relating to retinal degeneration in some of the leading causes of sight loss, AMD and RP.

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Frans Cremers Prof. Frans Cremers

Professor Cremers is leading a Fighting Blindness and HRB joint-funded project exploring macular disease-associated genes and risk factors.

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Dr Adrian Dockery and Prof. Jane Farrar Dr Adrian Dockery and Prof. Jane Farrar

Dr Adrian Dockery started work on this award while working in Professor Jane Farrar’s laboratory in Trinity College Dublin. This project is part of the Target 5000 programme.

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An image of SETU ORBITAL members. There are 6 people standing facing the camera. ORBITAL

ORBITAL is an innovative EU funded programme that will recruit and train early stage researchers (PhD students) in the area of drug delivery.

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Image of a laboratory with scientists working Previous Research Projects

Learn more in this section about the previous research projects that Fighting Blindness has funded.

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