The VIP (Visually Impaired Person’s) Network is made up of people and families living with sight loss who would like to become more involved in advocacy and research activities. Members of this group receive regular updates and invitations to participate in activities such as surveys, focus groups, training events, advice meetings, consultations and campaigns.

It is vital that the views and opinions of people living with sight loss are taken into account in all areas of vision research and advocacy at a national and international level – nothing about us, without us.

The goal of the VIP Network is to promote and facilitate meaningful engagement and involvement in research and advocacy and to help shape the work of Fighting Blindness. Some of the activities members of the VIP Network have participated in are listed below:

  • Review of Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) and consent forms for research projects
  • Review of content for patient information materials
  • Partnering with researcher to develop a lay abstract of their research
  • European Medicines Agency (EMA) Scientific Advice Meetings
  • Participation in Community Advisory Board meeting
  • HSE Patient Narratives Project
  • Focus group on wet age-related macular degeneration treatments

Thank you to the members of the VIP Network who have given their time and their knowledge to so many activities since the group was set up in 2017. Your contributions have improved the quality of many research and advocacy projects, not only within Fighting Blindness, but at a national and European level also. We are incredibly grateful to you for your participation.

For more information or to join the VIP Network, please contact 01 6789 004 or