Are you interested in research and advocacy? 

Join the Fighting Blindness V.I.P. (Visually Impaired Person’s) network!

Are you a V.I.P?

If you have sight loss and would like to get a little more involved in research and advocacy the V.I.P. network is for you. We ask for more information like your age and eye condition so we can share opportunities to feed into specific projects relevant to you.

Joining the network is free and you are not required to take part in the projects if you don’t want to. This could be reviewing a document for a clinic or helping a researcher better communicate what they are working on.

The goal of the V.I.P. Network is to promote and facilitate meaningful engagement and involvement in research and advocacy and to help shape the work of Fighting Blindness.

WHAT does it entail?

  • Opportunity to be involved in a Fighting Blindness PPI Review Panel to partake in the review of research grant proposals.
  • In addition, members of this group receive updates and invitations to participate in activities such as surveys, focus groups, training events, advice meetings, consultations and campaigns.

 HOW do I sign up?

  • Register your interest in joining the V.I.P. network using the form below.
  • Membership is open to people and families living with sight loss.
  • If you have any questions contact the Fighting Blindness Research Department on or call +353 1 6789 004.

 Do I have to get involved if I sign up?

  • There is no requirement to become involved in any of the activities.
  • People may want to join to only be kept up to date on what is happening.

Register your interest in joining the network by completing this form: