There are many resources available to assist and guide researchers with their PPI initiatives. In this section you will find:


Communication Resources

Terminology explained

The European Patients’ Academy Glossary

The European Patients’ Academy Glossary provide a description for key medical and scientific terms.

National Institute for Health Research – INVOLVE 

The INVOLVE group provide descriptions for terminology commonly encountered in research.

Writing for a general audience

Plain English Campaign

This resource provides guidance on writing in an accessible format for the general public.

National Adult Literacy Agency

The National Adult Literacy Agency have useful tips for writing in a clear and understandable format.

National Institute for Health Research – INVOLVE

The INVOLVE group have guidance on how to write plain English summaries.


Useful Websites for PPI

Health Research Board (HRB)
The HRB provide information on patient and public involvement, particularly in the context of public reviews.

Irish Platform for Patient Organisations, Science and Industry (IPPOSI)
IPPOSI have developed a helpful charter for patient involvement in Ireland.

Campus Engage Ireland
With an objective to promote civic and community engagement, the Campus Engage Group (Network of Irish Universities), along with a consortium of researchers, policy makers, funding agency personnel and community partners have developed a number of informative “How To Guides” to provide guidance around facilitating engaged research.

INVOLVE is one of the leading UK resources for PPI in the UK. The INVOLVE group coined the definition for PPI, which has been adopted by many groups for reference. They provide many useful links and resources to enable researchers to carry out meaningful PPI.

National Institute for Health Research
The National Institute for Health Research are a UK funding body for healthcare research. They provide useful resources to support initiatives which embrace PPI.


Organisations Championing PPI

Trinity College Dublin PPI Ignite
Trinity College Dublin PPI Ignite are working to build capacity amongst health researchers in the area of PPI. This group provide multiple avenues for supporting PPI initiatives and host PPI drop-in clinics on campus.

Dublin City University PPI Ignite
DCU PPI Ignite is a three year Health Research Board and Irish Research Council funded project to support and promote organisational capacity for public and patient involvement (PPI) in DCU health and social care research. This includes development of training and resources for PPI, a mentorship network, case studies and a sustainability plan for PPI in DCU. To find out more, to become involved or get PPI support or advice contact

National University of Ireland, Galway PPI Ignite
National University of Ireland, Galway PPI Ignite provides advice and support to NUIG researchers around embedding PPI in their research, including in formalising application requests. Also provide general information about PPI and offer numerous PPI training initiatives.

University of Limerick PPI Ignite
University of Limerick PPI Ignite offer support and aim to build capacity for PPI amongst researchers in UL.

University College Dublin PPI Ignite
University College Dublin PPI Ignite aims to embed PPI in health research and build capacity amongst researchers.

Medical Research Charities Group (MRCG)

MRCG is the national umbrella group for medical research and patient support charities in Ireland. The MRCG champions and promotes meaningful patient and public involvement in research. They host the Shared Learning Group, where medical research and patient support charities hold active discussions on PPI and its challenges. They have also prepared a guidance document on how to develop a strategy for PPI in research activities.

Irish Platform for Patient Organisations, Science and Industry (IPPOSI)
IPPOSI is a patient-led organisation which champions public and patient involvement in health research and practice. IPPOSI also offers training for patients in the area of health research.

Cancer Research UK (CRUK)
CRUK have developed a PPI toolkit for researchers which can offer guidance and tips for undertaking PPI.