We recognise the importance of involving both patients and members of the public in research and development initiatives to ensure more relevant and impactful activities. As such, we’re committed to supporting researchers in their efforts to incorporate PPI in their work.

The Research and Advocacy departments can advise researchers on how best to embed PPI in research and development initiatives and provide links to relevant supports.

Researchers or research groups who request the assistance or collaborative support of Fighting Blindness (and the community we serve) in their PPI initiative must complete an application form. Please contact the Research department at research@fightingblindness.ie to receive a copy of this form. A decision on each request will be made by the organisation following careful consideration of the proposal.

It is important to apply for assistance at least 3 weeks in advance of the initiative to ensure that we will have enough time to consider the application (and identify suitable PPI contributors, if required). If requests from researchers require involvement of more than 20 PPI contributors, please note that applications should be submitted at least 6-8 weeks in advance of initiative commencement.

It’s important to note that research or development activities undertaken must closely align with the research strategy of Fighting Blindness, where assistance can be best offered.

For further information or to request PPI assistance, please contact the Research department on 01 678 9004 or research@fightingblindness.ie.

The VIP Network – PPI Contributors who work with Fighting Blindness

We liaise with a network of PPI contributors known as the VIP Network (Visually Impaired Person’s Network). This network includes individuals living with sight loss and family members who wish to get involved in research and advocacy activities. Research groups can request to connect with this network through us. Committed to ensuring that this community is safeguarded through such endeavours, we’ll monitor all VIP Network activities closely.