Fighting Blindness invests in developing adaptive optics in Ireland

Adaptive optics imaging technology is revolutionising the non-invasive imaging of some of the smallest human structures such as the light sensing rod and cone photoreceptors that are part of the retina.

We are delighted to play a role in coordinating an exciting opportunity for young researchers in Ireland to travel to the US and undertake a summer scholarship at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Prince Sunil Thomas, a postgraduate student at UCD, will spend the next three months working under the supervision of Prof Joseph Carroll and will be trained extensively in the use and application of adaptive optic technology.

With this expertise, he will assist in running the technology at the Mater Hospital alongside Mr David Keegan and Prof Brian Vohnsen, UCD School of Physics.

This year, Fighting Blindness will contribute towards the purchase of a key piece of equipment which will upgrade this technology and enhance its functionality to image individual photoreceptors.

Adaptive optics aims to improve detection, diagnosis, and management of eye disease. It will also be very important in the characterisation of patients with retinal disease ahead of clinical trials. As such, it is of great importance to Fighting Blindness to assist in developing critical clinical and research adaptive optics in Ireland.