Therapeutic Approaches

Different strands of DNA Gene Innovations

This section explores the different ways by which a person's genetic makeup can be changed to provide therapeutic benefit.

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Cells communicating with each other Regenerative Medicine

This section explains what stem cells and cell-based therapies are and how they are being examined to replace damaged tissue.

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Mannequin wearing artificial vision glasses Artificial Vision

This section explores the potential for bionic implants to restore vision in people living with sight loss conditions.

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Picture of pills on counter Pharmacotherapy

This section explores the novel ways drugs could be used to slow down retinal disease and protect existing vision.

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Image of the retina Retinal Imaging

This section talks about new technologies that allow ever-more detailed images of the retina, both for diagnosis and research.

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Picture of clear gummy bears and one red gummy bear in the middle Social Science

This section describes how perspectives are gathered to assess the impact of inherited retinal diseases on individuals and society.

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Cartoon of baby, child, teenager and adult Natural History

This section explains the need to track disease progression over time and details many ongoing studies for specific conditions.

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Patient talking to doctor What intervention will suit you best?

This section highlights the variety of different interventions and the importance of patient/doctor communication in an effective treatment plan.

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Adaptive Optics Adaptive Optics

This section describes Adaptive Optics a new imaging technique which allows us to study the detailed structure and function of the retina.

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