Connections Coffee Morning

The Connections Coffee Morning is for those who wish to spend an hour and a half meeting individuals online, having a coffee/tea from their home, connecting with others and having the opportunity to just chat.

This is not group therapy, formal peer support or training. We like to think of it as an opportunity to take some time away from the challenges we have faced recently and dedicate ourselves to engaging and socially interacting with others – in the safest and most accessible way possible at the moment.

A member of our team or one of our volunteers will facilitate each meeting and we’re hoping that people will share their stories and experiences, as well as their tips and suggestions for getting through the weeks to come. Perhaps you’d like to recommend a book you have been enjoying, share the resources you have found useful or details of other organisations and charities that can be of assistance. Over time, we will consider inviting a guest speaker to attend for 20 minutes of the morning and we welcome suggestions for anyone whom you’d like to invite.

We’d like to keep things as informal and relaxed as possible but ask that all attendees note and agree to abide by the following underlying principles:

  1. All participants are treated with equality, dignity and respect.
  2. All participants have an equal right and opportunity to be heard and contribute.
  3. The level of individual engagement is determined by each participant but contribution is encouraged.
  4. Our facilitators will also act in a safeguarding capacity if for any reason they become concerned for the safety of an individual during the course of the meeting.

We are happy to discuss any questions you may have by phone.  Please contact our support team on 01 674 6496 or if you’d like to register to attend.

Our Connections Coffee Morning takes place every Tuesday from 10:30am – 12pm.

We will keep the number of attendees to a maximum of 18. All meetings will be held on Zoom and the option to call in by phone is also available. Our support team can assist with training or guidance on how to use Zoom.

We look forward to meeting you soon!