Tea cups and a tea pot Support groups full list

We offer support groups for people with a visual impairment to share their feelings and experiences with others facing the same challenges.

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Insight Counselling Service Insight Counselling Service

We offer a free and confidential phone counselling service to people living with sight loss and their families.

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Two men in the Exchange Club with iPads Technology Exchange Club

The Exchange Club meet weekly in Dublin and Cork to discuss the benefits of different assistive technologies, such as smartphones and computers.

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Woman having a video call with a group of people on screen of a laptop Support Group for Significant Others

Our support group for significant others is a safe space for people who hold an important role or relationship in someone’s life, such as a spouse, partner, close family member, or a friend.

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People sitting at table Horizons: Parents Support Group

We’ve partnered with Féach to facilitate a  peer support group for parents of children living with sight loss. Horizons takes place on the second Thursday of each month on Zoom (7:30pm…

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Mindfulness group Mindfulness group

If you are interested in or are already practicing mindfulness in your daily routine you can join our Mindfulness group on Zoom.

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group of people seated in a circle Directions – Young Adult Peer Support Group

Young adults who are living with sight loss may face particular challenges and difficulties. Priorities relating to study, embarking on further education, job-seeking, securing independence and relationship difficulties can often…

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Woman on a laptop AMD Peer Support Group

Our new AMD peer support group is for those living with Age-related Macular Degeneration. Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the most common cause of sight loss in people…

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Cup of coffee Connections Coffee Morning

To help with isolation, we're hosting a new virtual coffee morning.

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Visionaries Choir performing Visionaries School of the Arts

The Visionaries School of the Arts is a quality of life initiative that offers people an opportunity to explore their creativity.

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woman holding small plants with her hands held out. Roots: New gardening group for 2024

Do you love to spend time in your garden learning how to make plants grow?  We know that gardening can be a great way of getting outdoors and keeping active.

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group of people seated talking to each other Stargardt peer support group – New group for 2024

We are planning a Stargardt peer support group to launch in spring 2024. If you are living with Stargardt disease we would love to have you join us.

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Group of people in a supporting group session Council Circle

We are excited to share details about an upcoming initiative, the Council Circle group, which will take place face-to-face in Dublin. The Council Circle represents an ancient tradition that unites…

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group of men talking Hearing and Sight Loss – New group for 2024

Might our hearing and sight loss support group be of interest to you? Our peer support group aims to be a place where people who are experiencing a dual diagnosis…

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