Visionaries School of the Arts

A number of our support services are now available online including the Visionaries Choir. They meet on Saturdays over Zoom and are always open to new members. To find out more you can contact Frank on

Visit our dedicated Covid-19 page for more information on our other virtual services. 

The Visionaries School of the Arts is a quality of life initiative that offers people an opportunity to explore their creativity. It’s a unique learning environment specifically designed for people who are visually impaired and blind. The School’s ethos emphasises enrichment through engagement with the arts as a way of exploring and expressing one’s unique creativity.

Visionaries Choir

The Visionaries Choir is part of the School and, under the direction of Frank Kelly, made its debut at the Fighting Blindness Retina Conference in November 2015. They have since built on that success with summer concerts, carolling and yearly appearances at the Dublin International Choral Festival.

The choir is always open to new members and they’re currently meeting online due to Covid-19 restrictions. Singing in a choir has so many benefits – it can increase social connection, reduce stress levels, keep your brain young and improve your mental health. We encourage everyone to give it a go!

To find out more you can contact Frank on or for more information on how to get involved, please call 01 674 6496 or email