Spectrum of sight loss

Most people who have a visual impairment are able to see something. The level of vision can vary from being able to distinguish between light and dark, to seeing large objects and shapes, to seeing everything but as a blur.

Visual impairment is a term used to describe all levels of sight loss. It covers moderate sight loss, severe sight loss and blindness. People are not either sighted or blind; there are different degrees of sight loss and different ways in which sight loss can affect a person’s vision. For example, some conditions can affect the peripheral vision, and others can affect the central vision.

Sight loss can affect people of all ages and can have an impact on all aspects of a person’s life – social, school, work and everyday tasks.

No matter what your level of sight loss, we are here to provide information and support. Please contact info@fightingblindness.ie or 01 6789 004 with any questions you may have.