Blindfold Challenge, August 1, 2013

June 26, 2013

We have an exciting new event this summer called the ‘Blindfold Challenge’.

The Blindfold Challenge will take place on Thursday evening, August 1, 2013 in the sports ground at Trinity College Dublin. This is a unique event that highlights the challenges of not having the benefit of your sight, the trust placed in a friend or colleague, the importance of teamwork and will hopefully also turn out to be very good fun!

The event will be aimed at groups of four people (two teams of two). The challenge is to run one lap of the track (400 metres) as a blindfolded runner being guided by a team mate, and then a second lap where the roles reverse, the blindfolded runner becomes the guide.


Entry Fees and Registration

Team of 2 – Regular Entry (From 26/06/13 to 15/07/13) – €60

Team of 2 – Late Entry (From 16/07/13 to 29/07/13) – €70


Team of 4 – Regular Entry (From 26/06/13 to 15/07/13) – €100

Team of 4 – Late Entry (From 16/07/13 to 29/07/13) – €120


Register online here!


In addition to the entry fee, each team member will be asked to raise a minimum of €50 sponsorship for Fighting Blindness.


For further information about this very unique and exciting event, go to or contact Clodagh Ryan or Tony Ward on 01 709 30 50 or or