Fighting Blindness Collaborates with Victoria Smurfit to Unveil Impactful Charity Animation

Fighting Blindness has launched a video explaining the ‘new miracle’ of scientific breakthroughs giving hope to those living with ‘irreversible’ sight loss.

We are delighted to have teamed up with ambassador and actor Victoria Smurfit to launch a new campaign to explain the ‘miracle’ of science in the field of Irish research.

The animation was drawn by a young scientist working at the Smurfit Institute of Genetics in Trinity College Dublin, Dr. Laura Finnegan, who is currently identifying the genes causing many inherited retinal conditions.

The short film is narrated by Irish actor, Victoria Smurfit, who is the mother to Evie Baxter who is living with such a sight loss condition. Smurfit has fulfilled the roles of mother, financial benefactor and ambassador for Fighting Blindness – as well as starring roles in movies and television, including Ballykissangel and Trial & Retribution.

Fighting Blindness CEO Finbarr Roche believes the animation is both educational and entertaining; and has been produced by the close-knit community of researchers, patients and representative members that has made Ireland a leading force in the global mission to cure blindness and find treatments to prevent retinal sight loss.

Roche said, “This short animation explains the game-changing nature of current science – enhanced by the research funded through public donation. The people of Ireland can be very proud of what we have achieved over the last forty years – and will appreciate how close we are to curing sight loss.”

“We can reverse the irreversible”.