Register for the Retina International World Congress, hosted by Fighting Blindness

The Retina International World Congress, a globally renowned gathering of leading experts in the field of vision research, is set to captivate Dublin from June 5 – 8.

Hosted by Fighting Blindness at the Dublin Royal Convention Centre, this notable event promises to be a nexus for the latest advancements in retinal science, bringing together scientists, clinicians, and advocates from around the world. 

Learn more about the speakers, agenda and accommodation options here.

Please note that current Fighting Blindness members should contact us directly for registration by emailing or phoning +353 1 678 9004.

Important note:

Please be cautious of registration scams. Unfortunately, each year, some individuals create counterfeit websites for major international meetings, with the intention of misleading attendees. The scam can centre around selling hotel rooms that either don’t exist or are significantly marked up in price, or indeed, fraudulent registration sales. It’s important to note that we are aware that these scams have taken place in the past and we urge caution for all delegates. Please be sure that any email you receive is from us. Our email is and you can reach out to us directly there or by phoning us at +353 1 6789 004. We are NOT selling accommodation on our registration platform.

To ensure your financial safety, please only visit for registration where you will find the direct link to our registration platform. CrowdComms are our chosen conference partner for RIWC and their ticketing registration system is the only means of registering for the event. Fighting Blindness members should contact us directly to register.

Getting your name badge: Our registration system will send email confirmations which will include a QR code, allowing you to quickly print your badge at onsite kiosks throughout the Dublin Royal Convention Center for the duration of the Congress. Please note that badges will not be mailed in advance and you will not be asked for additional payment for your badge.

Stay vigilant and protect yourself from potential scams! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to question any email or communication you receive.