Pathways to Personalised Healthcare Podcast, with Fighting Blindness CEO, Finbarr Roche

Our CEO, Finbarr Roche, was delighted to recently take part in the Pathways to Personalised Healthcare podcast, hosted by Jonathan McCrea. The podcast brings together voices of experts, clinicians, patient representatives and researchers to explore and determine ways to implement Personalised Healthcare within the Irish healthcare system.

The episode also featured Avril Daly, CEO of Retina International. Irish and European ​healthcare policies in the field of ophthalmology​ were discussed, including an explanation of how both Fighting Blindness and Retina International are assisting and empowering patients in Ireland who are living with various eye disorders.

There is a central image of a phone on an orange background, with a podcast page on screen. There is a photo of Fighting Blindness CEO, Finbarr Roche in the centre of the phone image. At the bottom left there are two logos - Roche and Fighting Blindness. In the background there is a visual of an audio track running.
Image: Fighting Blindness CEO, Finbarr Roche, taking part in the Pathways to Personalised Healthcare Podcast.

The importance of ensuring the right infrastructures are in place in order to be able to deliver personalised care, from the moment of diagnosis all the way through the life cycle of that condition, and indeed, the work that needs to be done in Ireland to get to that point was also a point of discussion.

Our CEO also discussed the work of Fighting Blindness and how we are tirelessly working towards finding cures for sight loss.

Listen to the full podcast here:

Many thanks to the host, Jonathan McCrea and to Roche for the initiative.