HRCI-HRB Joint Funding Scheme 2020 – now open

Fighting Blindness is pleased to announce its participation in the Joint Funding Scheme 2020 between the Health Research Board and the Health Research Charities Ireland (formerly MRCG).

Our research priorities

Fighting Blindness is committed to the development of therapies that are accessible to all patients affected by sight loss and the wide spectrum of retinal degenerative disease through the pursuit and enablement of scientific medical research.

For this co-funding scheme, we are inviting original, internationally-competitive proposals that are relevant to the research priorities of Fighting Blindness and align with one or more of the following research areas:

  • Diagnostics
  • Therapeutics
  • Elucidating molecular mechanisms and/or protective pathways in retinal degenerations
  • Understanding genetic modifiers of retinal disease severity and progression

Cross-disciplinary collaborations that address a clinical need or current knowledge gaps are encouraged. Where applicable, projects must demonstrate a clear translational path to potential intervention.

Funding available

The maximum funding available is €300,000 for 36 month project duration. However projects up to 12 months will also be considered.

Key deadlines

Thursday 31 Oct 2019 (5pm) Submission of Expressions of Interest to Fighting Blindness
Friday 17 Jan 2020 Submission of full application (if shortlisted) to Fighting Blindness
Jan 2020 Fighting Blindness Peer Review
10 Feb – 28 Feb 2020 Right to reply
Monday 6 April 2020 HRB Application Deadline (via GEMs)
July 2020 Applicant Notification
November 2020
Project Start

Application process

An initial Expressions of Interest (max 2-3 pages) should describe succinctly the following:

  • Overall objectives of project
  • Current knowledge and research gaps
  • Relevance to goals of Fighting Blindness
  • Implementation of Public and Patient Involvement
  • Duration and Expected costs

Please submit an EOI to by 5pm on Thursday 31 October 2019. Following review by our Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, a shortlist of successful applicants will be notified for requests for their full application.

Further information

For further information on the HRCI-HRB Joint Funding Scheme visit:

Or contact the research department via email on

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