Success for Fighting Blindness-funded research in Irish Research Council Awards

Fighting Blindness is delighted to be an enterprise partner on three Irish Research Council Enterprise Partnership Scheme Awards. Two scholars are based at University College Dublin (UCD) and one scholar is based at South East Technological University (SETU).

Madhuri Dandamudi, South East Technological University will receive Irish Research Council funding for her work on retinopathy of prematurity.

The project in question will address an unmet clinical need for the development of drug delivery techniques to treat back-of-the-eye diseases in infants, such as retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), which affects the retina of premature infants and can lead to severe visual impairment, blindness and lifelong disability.

The research will centre on treatments, ‘smart’ nanomaterials and state-of-the-art imaging techniques that negate the need for ocular injections, improve patient comfort and provide a reduced cost solution.

All of this work is being undertaken in partnership with Fighting Blindness. This funding will make an enormous difference in the development of new therapeutic strategies to protect the vision of preterm infants.

Fighting Blindness also partnered on two further successful projects, both based at University College Dublin.

Patrizia Colucci – ‘Discovery and Development of Broad-Spectrum Drug Treatments For Inherited and Age-Related Blindness’

Patrizia has previously worked on the EU funded project ORBITAL and is now continuing in vision loss research supported by Fighting Blindness.

Grace Ruddin – ‘Investigating the biology of the inherited human blindness gene RGR-opsin; understand the role in vision loss and contribute to development of treatments.’

Grace Ruddin is delving into “Investigating the biology of the inherited human blindness gene RGR-opsin” to comprehend its role in vision loss and contribute to treatment development. The Ocular Pharmacology & Genetics Research Group, under the guidance of Prof. Breandán Kennedy at UCD, plays a pivotal role in these two projects, which have received support from Fighting Blindness.

Congratulations Dr Madhuri Dandamudi, Grace Ruddin and Patrizia Colucci. A sincere thank you to the Irish Research Council also for the acknowledgement of the importance of these research projects and the support.

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