Learn more about our funded researchers in our 'Meet Your Researchers' hub

Research is at the heart of all we do. Our mission is to cure sight loss. A core goal for us at Fighting Blindness, is to communicate with you about the latest research that we are funding. We are very proud to let you know about a newly revamped section on our website, called ‘Meet Your Researchers‘, where you can find details of the current and past research projects and researchers we are involved with.

Fighting Blindness is the leading Irish charity funding research into sight loss conditions. To date, we have invested over €20 million in more than 115 research and clinical projects. It is important for us to celebrate and promote this vital research work that is being undertaken, with your support.

Mini-interviews are now available with our funded researchers, where they explain:

  • their research projects in lay-terms
  • the reasons they got involved with research work
  • their hopes for the field of vision research in the coming years

Up-to-date videos and photos are provided too!

Click here to explore our new content.

For queries or/and feedback please email us at research@fightingblindness.ie or call us at +353 1 6789 004.

More to come, stay tuned!