Novartis launch vision assistance apps

  • Two apps, ViaOpta Navigator and ViaOpta Daily, have been developed by Novartis in partnership with the National Council of the Blind in Ireland (NCBI)
  • These award-winning apps are designed to help those with visual impairment with their everyday activities

 Dublin, 10th July 2017: Novartis, in partnership with the NCBI, is delighted to announce the launch of a  suite of vision assistance apps. The award-winning ViaOpta Navigator and ViaOpta Daily apps were developed to better assist those living with visual impairment. ViaOpta Navigator app enables blind or vision impaired people to move independently by providing essential information to support orientation when walking. Similarly, ViaOpta Daily uses vocal guidance and audible tutorials to help with everyday activities. The cutting-edge technology used aims to make a difference in the lives of those who live with visual impairment and who seek discreet assistance.

Loretto Callaghan, CPO Head for Novartis Ireland, said: “Novartis is proud to continually support those living with visual impairment. We work tirelessly with organisations such as the NCBI to create patient-focused innovative solutions to enhance the lives of many here in Ireland. We are delighted that patients will now have the opportunity to benefit from the use of the ViaOpta apps to improve their independence and quality of life.”

Chris White, NCBI CEO, commented on the benefits of the apps, saying: “With the help of the ViaOpta apps, people living with vision impairments can undertake everyday tasks confidently and independently. These upgraded apps signal yet another advancement for blind and vision impaired people and will help them enormously as they go about tasks like taking their dog out for a walk, shopping or going to a busy café.”

The real-world benefits of these apps can be seen in their extensive functionality. ViaOpta Navigator and ViaOpta Daily have been created to assist the visually impaired better experience the world around them in a discreet way, all at the push of a button. The various features are detailed below.

ViaOpta Features

·         Alerts (alerts and voice commands)

·         Weather (updates on local weather)

·         Directions

·         Magnifying Glass

·         Map

·         Timer

·         Junctions (junction information with directions)

·         Contacts (access your phone contacts)

·         Bookmark (destinations can be bookmarked)

·         Colour Recogniser

·         Search (search for saved destinations)

·         Money Recogniser

·         Share location with family and friends

·         Object Recogniser

·         Scene Recogniser

For more information, or to download the ViaOpta apps, please visit The ViaOpta apps are available on both iOS and Android platforms and are also free of charge.