Participants required for one-on-one coaching on assistive technology

Project Description:

The aim of our project is to enhance support for individuals living with sight loss in Ireland by providing personalised one-on-one coaching on assistive technology. Building upon our existing Exchange Club, which serves as a peer-to-peer technology group for this community, we recognise the need for tailored guidance in navigating the complexities of evolving technology and its interaction with assistive tools. Our project will empower individuals with sight loss to confidently explore and utilise assistive technology, thereby enabling them to fully participate in the Exchange Club and enhance their digital literacy skills. This initiative will be delivered by a dedicated team consisting of the coach and support staff, who will provide personalised coaching sessions to adult participants across Ireland. By fostering individualised learning and support, our project aims to promote inclusivity and independence within the sight loss community.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Marta O’Connor, Head of Support Services by emailing: