PPI in Vision Research Workshop

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in Vision Research Workshop

Thursday October 10, 2019

Gresham Hotel, Dublin

Fighting Blindness are delighted to host the upcoming Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in Vision Research workshop on Thursday October 10 at the Gresham Hotel. This half-day workshop will be hosted on World Sight Day, and will bring together researchers, people living with sight loss conditions and members of the public to work together on research projects. The aim of this event will be to improve the way in which research is communicated to the public- so that everyone can enjoy research.

We hope this workshop is beneficial and enjoyable to all who are attending. The agenda for the PPI workshop can be found below;


10.00 am         Welcome Address


10.05 am         Conversation Café and Building relationships


Session 1: What is PPI in research and where is the value?

10.20 am         Engagement, Participation and Involvement – An Overview

Dr Avril Kennan – Where is the value of PPI

Dr Emma Dorris, UCD Centre for Arthritis Research



10.35 am         PPI Pop Quiz


10.45 am         Involvement in Action

Rebecca Ward and Gerry Eastwood, PhD student at UCD and PPI contributor

Dr Laura O’Philbin, Alzheimer’s Society Ireland

Dr Orla Galvin, Retina International


Session 2: How and When can we do PPI?

11.00 am         How Research Works


11.45 am         Coffee Break


Session 3:        Planning Your Involvement 

12.00 pm         Case Studies


Session 4:        Overcoming Barriers to PPI 

12.35 am         PPI Brainstorm


Closing Address

12.55 pm         Next Steps


1.00 pm           Lunch