Retina Network Ireland

Retina Network Ireland is a new all-island network for early to mid-career researchers, clinicians and allied healthcare professionals in the area of vision and retinal disease who are based in, or affiliated with, Irish Institutions.

The goal of this initiative, which was launched at Retina 2020, is to provide networking and career-building opportunities, training and mentorship programmes to inspire greater interconnectivity amongst the community and in a non-judgmental environment.

The network will encompass over research and clinical groups situated in Ireland, including ophthalmologists in training, post-doctoral fellows, PhD students and undergraduates with an interest in vision academic and clinical research. The platform provides a space in which researchers can connect with their peers and discuss all things retina.


  • Providing all researchers within the Retina space with a platform to discuss their research, network with their peers from other institutes around Ireland and build strong cross-disciplinary working relationships at a national level.
  • Contribute to enhancing the professional development of the network members by providing career-building opportunities, training, and mentorship programmes to inspire greater interconnectivity amongst the community. This includes providing annual workshops on topics such as how to effectively communicate your research and how to embed public and patient involvement (PPI) into your research etc.

Vision research and healthcare is one of the most innovative of all disciplines. Whilst often viewed as a niche area for scientists and clinicians, sight loss in fact impacts on over a quarter of a million people in Ireland. For many there are no cures or involve highly invasive treatments. These conditions have a huge impact on one’s quality of life and it is imperative that we build research and clinical capacity here in Ireland in the area of vision to address the needs of our patient community. We believe this can be achieved by supported early career researchers and clinicians and create a community that is collaborative, supportive and driven towards delivering real impacts for patients impacted by sight loss.

If you are an early to mid-stage career researcher/clinician/ophthalmologist in training or a student with a keen interest in vision research, based or affiliated with an Irish institution, and would like to become part of Retina Network Ireland, please fill out this short form and we will be in contact with you very soon!

If you want to hear more information or have any questions on Retina Network Ireland, please contact the Research Department team at Fighting Blindness on