"Starry-Eyed" by Maeve Doyle

A beautiful piece of writing by Fighting Blindness volunteer Maeve Doyle who compares and contrasts her vision with a galaxy:

“At every moment, I see stars.

Faces are obscured by a thousand swirling galaxies; words are lost under the flashing colours of supernovas. Stars shoot across my vision at every waking moment. Constellations pervade my view, sailing across a slice of black space.

On cloudless nights, I am often left disorientated, for distinguishing between the stars in my eyes and those that lay above is near impossible.

A black hole rests, right in front of me, swallowing whomever or whatever that dares to pass through the centre of my vision. It strips the light from stars and consumes the heavenly bodies that fall into its path.

Every day, I witness a universe at play. I watch the birth of stars, only to watch their spectacular death moments later. I see the simultaneous creation and destruction of solar systems, all whilst I go about my life.

I suppose I am lucky in some aspects, as instead of oblivion, I see the full beauty of the cosmos, something that astronomers and astrologists could only dream of. Whilst I lack the capacity to see what lives mere metres before me, I have seen farther than any telescope or satellite could hope to reach.

I am perpetually starry-eyed.”